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Journal: The American journal of nursing


U.S. breastfeeding rates have improved, but we need to do more to support this practice.

Concepts: Milk, Breastfeeding, Lactation, Breast, Breast milk, Colostrum, Male lactation, Infant formula


An exploration of bias in health care and how it affects this population.

Concepts: Health care, Health care provider, Health, Illness, Nursing, Nursing care plan


: This technology uses remote monitoring, videoconferencing, and much more to extend the reach of nurses and improve care.

Concepts: Case study, Innovation, Assistive technology, Disruptive technology


The most valuable texts of 2017, as chosen by AJN’s panel of judges.

Concepts: Academy Award


: Long shifts and overtime may adversely affect health as well as performance.

Concepts: Sleep deprivation, Affect, Nursing


: Proper nutrition is an important but often overlooked component of preventive care and disease management. Following a plant-based diet in particular has been shown to have dramatic effects on health and well-being in a relatively short period of time. For this reason, nurses at three faculty-led community health clinics participated in a nutrition educational program, following a plant-based diet for 21 days. They sought to improve their knowledge of plant-based nutrition and experience firsthand the benefits of such a diet. The authors conclude that this type of program, with its experiential component and beneficial personal health results, has the potential to influence a larger nursing audience as participants apply their knowledge and experience to patient care and to classroom discussions with nursing students.

Concepts: Time, Health care, Medicine, Public health, Health, Nutrition, Hospital, Nursing


: Purpose: In a 2018 replication of a 1997 study, the Woodhull Study on Nursing and the Media, nurses were identified as sources in only 2% of health news stories in the same print publications investigated in the earlier study, showing no improvement in 20 years. We sought to interview health journalists across a spectrum of media to better understand their perceptions of the barriers and facilitators to using nurses as sources in news stories.


Findings from this quantitative retrospective study suggest ad lib intake may have benefits.

Concepts: Research methods, Research, Anno Domini


The nurse, scientist, and activist discusses how nurses can work to dismantle racism.