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Journal: Plastic and reconstructive surgery


The purpose was to identify the specific components of facial aging secondary to smoking, by comparing standardized photographs of identical twins with different smoking histories.


Although many plastic surgeons perform autologous fat grafting (lipofilling) for breast reconstruction after oncologic surgery, it has not been established whether postoncologic lipofilling increases the risk of breast cancer recurrence. The authors assessed the risk of locoregional and systemic recurrence in patients who underwent lipofilling for breast reconstruction.

Concepts: Hospital, Surgery, Pleural effusion, Plastic surgery, Breast, Breast reconstruction, Breast implant, Breast reduction


The authors previously identified key objective parameters that define the aesthetic ideal of the breast in a study of 100 models with natural breasts. In this follow-up article, the opinion of the general public on ideal breast proportions was surveyed.

Concepts: Prime number, Aesthetics


This is the first study to use generic distress, cancer-specific, and procedure-specific measures to prospectively evaluate psychological responses, body image, sexuality, and health-related quality of life in immediate compared with delayed breast reconstruction.

Concepts: Life, Breast, Breast implant


Complication profiles of medial thighplasty in the massive weight loss population are not well described. The authors present their experience with these procedures in the massive weight loss population.


The premasseter space is a recognized, sub-superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) soft-tissue space overlying the lower masseter immediately anterior to the parotid. The performance, safety, and effectiveness of composite face lifts are enhanced when the space is used. This has drawn attention to the need for better understanding of the premasseter anatomy above the space.

Concepts: Medicine, Surgery, Physician, Al-Andalus, Plastic surgery, Reconstructive surgery, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Rhytidectomy


: Clinical infection of breast implants occurs in 7 to 24 percent of breast reconstructions. It may persist over time in the form of biofilm without overt manifestation and is extremely difficult to eradicate. The authors' aim was to establish a novel model for biofilm infection of silicone breast implants in rats.

Concepts: Bacteria, Rat, Silicone, Breast implant


: The most commonly performed skin rejuvenation procedure, laser resurfacing, is associated with adverse events and significant expense. The authors have developed a novel device that uses micro-coring needles to remove tissue in a fractional pattern and avoid the side effects of laser therapy. The authors compare the efficacy of these needles to standard needles in a pig model.

Concepts: Effectiveness, Developed country, Skin, Laser medicine, Laser applications


: The anatomy of the facial nerve and its branches has been well documented. The course of the extratemporal facial nerve, its anatomical planes, and the surface landmarks of the temporal division and marginal mandibular division are well known. However, the surface landmark of the middle division of the facial nerve has not been studied to date.

Concepts: Cranial nerves, Anatomy, Anatomical terms of location, Superficial anatomy


: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between age at initiation of helmet therapy for deformational plagiocephaly and the rate of correction.

Concepts: Positional plagiocephaly, Plagiocephaly