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Journal: Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology : official publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology


Although allergic drug reactions have been considered to be immediate (IgE mediated) or delayed (T-cell effector mechanisms), accelerated reactions have also been defined; however, they have not been sufficiently studied.

Concepts: Immune system, Allergy


Food allergy is an important public health problem because it affects children and adults, can be severe and even life-threatening, and may be increasing in prevalence. Beginning in 2008, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, working with other organizations and advocacy groups, led the development of the first clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of food allergy. A recent landmark clinical trial and other emerging data suggest that peanut allergy can be prevented through introduction of peanut-containing foods beginning in infancy.

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Our institution has published serial studies of adults and adolescents experiencing anaphylactic events. The first series was published in 1993 and the last in 2006. It was our perception that the nature of anaphylactic episodes had changed over the two decades since the last review.



Aspirin prevents coronary thrombosis and is used extensively in cardiovascular prophylaxis. However, patients with a prior history of an aspirin “reaction” are routinely denied this medication.

Concepts: Cardiovascular system, Coronary circulation, Artery, Heart, Coronary artery disease


Treatment of chronic urticaria is challenging because many patients are refractory to or experience adverse effects with conventional therapy. Recently, short-term efficacy of omalizumab has been demonstrated.

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The honeybee sting challenge is considered a reliable procedure to evaluate the efficacy of specific immunotherapy, but it is difficult and unpractical to perform in clinical practice, because live insects are required.

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Although previous single-center studies report the rate of anaphylaxis for oral food challenges (OFCs) as 9% to 11%, little is known regarding the epidemiology of clinical OFCs across multiple centers in the United States.

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Atopic sensitization to aeroallergens in early life has been found to be a strong risk factor for the development of persisting asthma in young children with recurrent wheeze.

Concepts: Immune system, Atopy, IGE, Hypersensitivity, Allergy, Asthma


Epidemiologic studies have shown seasonal variations in responses to the written questionnaire for rhinitis symptoms.