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Journal: American journal of public health


To understand how Twitter bots and trolls (“bots”) promote online health content.


To explore whether improvements in psychological well-being occur after increases in fruit and vegetable consumption.

Concepts: Pea, Fruit, Tomato, Vegetable, Eggplant, Vegetarian cuisine, Cucumber


We examined whether kindergarten teachers' ratings of children’s prosocial skills, an indicator of noncognitive ability at school entry, predict key adolescent and adult outcomes. Our goal was to determine unique associations over and above other important child, family, and contextual characteristics.

Concepts: Health care, Public health, Health, Childhood



To describe trends in benzodiazepine prescriptions and overdose mortality involving benzodiazepines among US adults.

Concepts: United States, Poverty in the United States, U.S. state, Benzodiazepine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepine overdose



To explore the effect of Medicaid expansion on US infant mortality rate.

Concepts: Infant, United States, Infant mortality, Perinatal mortality


To assess the association between medical marijuana laws (MMLs) and the odds of a positive opioid test, an indicator for prior use.

Concepts: Cannabis, Psychoactive drug, Recreational drug use, Legality of cannabis by country


To assess the prevalence of abortion among population groups and changes in rates between 2008 and 2014.


Objectives. To understand changes in how Facebook pages frame vaccine opposition.Methods. We categorized 204 Facebook pages expressing vaccine opposition, extracting public posts through November 20, 2019. We analyzed posts from October 2009 through October 2019 to examine if pages' content was coalescing.Results. Activity in pages promoting vaccine choice as a civil liberty increased in January 2015, April 2016, and January 2019 (t[76] = 11.33 [P < .001]; t[46] = 7.88 [P < .001]; and t[41] = 17.27 [P < .001], respectively). The 2019 increase was strongest in pages mentioning US states (t[41] = 19.06; P < .001). Discussion about vaccine safety decreased (r s [119] = -0.61; P < .001) while discussion about civil liberties increased (r s [119] = 0.33; Py < .001]). Page categories increasingly resembled one another (civil liberties: r s [119] = -0.50 [P < .001]; alternative medicine: r s [84] = -0.77 [P < .001]; conspiracy theories: r s [119] = -0.46 [P < .001]; morality: r s [106] = -0.65 [P < .001]; safety and efficacy: r s [119] = -0.46 [P < .001]).Conclusions. The "Disneyland" measles outbreak drew vaccine opposition into the political mainstream, followed by promotional campaigns conducted in pages framing vaccine refusal as a civil right. Political mobilization in state-focused pages followed in 2019.Public Health Implications. Policymakers should expect increasing attempts to alter state legislation associated with vaccine exemptions, potentially accompanied by fiercer lobbying from specific celebrities.