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Concept: The Spring


Considering that epidemiological studies show that suicide rates in many countries are highest in the spring when vitamin D status is lowest, and that low vitamin D status can affect brain function, we sought to evaluate if a low level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] could be a predisposing factor for suicide.

Concepts: Vitamin D, Epidemiology, Sociology, Vitamins, Case-control study, The Spring, Forth


Social comparison on social media has received increasing attention, but most research has focused on one type of social comparison and its psycho-emotional implications. Little is known about how different types of social comparison influence youth’s identity development. Drawing on the theories of identity processing styles and social comparison, we examined how two different forms of social comparison on social media related to three identity processing styles, which in turn predicted youth’s global self-esteem and identity clarity. We surveyed 219 college freshmen (Mage = 18.29; 74% female) once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Social comparison of ability on social media was related to concurrent diffuse-avoidant identity processing style, which predicted lower identity clarity months later. In contrast, social comparison of opinion on social media did not influence college freshmen’s global self-esteem and identity clarity through identity processing styles. The findings clarified the implications of online social comparison for youth’s identity development.

Concepts: Scientific method, Type, The Spring, Identity formation


Over a few months in the spring of 2011, a cluster of patients with severe respiratory distress were admitted to our intensive care unit (ICU). Household clustering was also observed. Extensive laboratory investigations failed to detect an infectious cause.

Concepts: Cancer, Pulmonology, Intensive care medicine, Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Medical laboratory, Home, The Spring, Intensive and extensive properties


The spatial distribution of nine Northwest Atlantic groundfish stocks was documented using spatial indicators based on Northeast Fisheries Science Center spring and fall bottom trawl survey data, 1963-2016. We then evaluated the relative importance of population size, fishing pressure and bottom temperature on spatial distribution with an information theoretic approach. Northward movement in the spring was generally consistent with prior analyses, whereas changes in depth distribution and area occupancy were not. Only two stocks exhibited the same changes in spatiotemporal distribution in the fall as compared with the spring. Fishing pressure was the most important predictor of the center of gravity (i.e., bivariate mean location of the population) for the majority of stocks in the spring, whereas in the fall this was restricted to the east-west component. Fishing pressure was also the most important predictor of the dispersion around the center of gravity in both spring and fall. In contrast, biomass was the most important predictor of area occupancy for the majority of stocks in both seasons. The relative importance of bottom temperature was ranked highest in the fewest number of cases. This study shows that fishing pressure, in addition to the previously established role of climate, influences the spatial distribution of groundfish in the Northwest Atlantic. More broadly, this study is one of a small but growing body of literature to demonstrate that fishing pressure has an effect on the spatial distribution of marine resources. Future work must consider both fishing pressure and climate when examining mechanisms underlying fish distribution shifts.

Concepts: Fundamental physics concepts, United States, Season, Classical mechanics, Fisheries, Overfishing, The Spring, Center of mass


Around 30% of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar smolts successfully survived passage through Loch Meig, a reservoir in the north of Scotland, en route to the sea. However, this survival rate was in turn dependent on the timing of migration, with the earliest migrants in the spring having the best chance of survival. This could have implication for fisheries management, since the estimation of smolt downstream survival may be influenced by which time period of the smolt run is analysed.

Concepts: Time, Lake, Salmon, Atlantic salmon, Salmo, Periodization, Tasmania, The Spring


The BVA Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey has been a fantastic asset to the profession, saysNina Rossi, BVA Media Manager. The Spring 2018 survey launches soon and gives BVA members the chance to have their say on issues affecting animals and the profession.

Concepts: Veterinary medicine, The Spring


Dynamic stringy objects such as liquid rims and ligaments are frequently observed in important applications such as the multiphase breakup of fuel droplets. We develop a new method based on digital in-line holography to automatically measure complicated stringy objects. A static spring mounted on a rotator is measured to validate the effectiveness and accuracy of the method. The sections are extracted along the skeleton of the spring in a depth-of-field extended image and then sized and located as individual particles using a hybrid method. The surface points of sections are stitched together to visualize the entire spring. Local thickness errors smaller than 5.3%, and z errors smaller than 230 μm are achieved. This method is applied to characterize the spatial-temporal features of the liquid rim formed in the bag-type regime of the aerodynamic breakup of a falling drop. The evolution of the rim/ligament structures is continuously captured in seven frames, lasting in 1.58 ms. This Letter extends the application of digital holography as an effective 3D diagnostic tool.

Concepts: Measurement, Liquid, Surface tension, Drop, American films, The Spring, Rim, Independent films


Robotic devices for neurorehabilitation of movement impairments in persons with stroke have been studied extensively. However, the vast majority of these devices only allow practice of stereotyped components of simulated functional tasks in the clinic. Previously we developed SpringWear, a wearable, spring operated, upper extremity exoskeleton capable of assisting movements during real-life functional activities, potentially in the home. SpringWear assists shoulder flexion, elbow extension and forearm supination/pronation. The assistance profiles were designed to approximate the torque required to move the joint passively through its range. These three assisted DOF are combined with two passive shoulder DOF, allowing complex multi-joint movement patterns.

Concepts: Humerus, Knee, Task, Extension, Upper limb anatomy, Upper limb, The Spring, Assist


Twitter, an online social media platform created in the spring of 2006, has now reached approximately 328 million active monthly users1 . It allows for rapid exchange of ideas in 140 character tweets.

Concepts: The Spring, Twitter, Social media


In the spring of 2010, a categorical general surgery postgraduate year (PGY)-2 position became available at our academic medical center secondary to attrition of a PGY-1 resident. We sought to study the unique characteristics of applicants to that position and to describe the selection process with hopes to stimulate additional studies about the unique challenges of recruiting applicants into advanced standing positions.

Concepts: Medicine, Surgery, Physician, Academia, Cultural studies, The Spring