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Concept: Semitone


The PACE trial was a well-powered randomised trial designed to examine the efficacy of graded exercise therapy (GET) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for chronic fatigue syndrome. Reports concluded that both treatments were moderately effective, each leading to recovery in over a fifth of patients. However, the reported analyses did not consistently follow the procedures set out in the published protocol, and it is unclear whether the conclusions are fully justified by the evidence.

Concepts: Randomized controlled trial, Report, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Semitone


Access to health care for asylum-seekers and refugees (AS&R) in Germany is initially restricted before regular access is granted, allegedly leading to delayed care and increasing costs of care. We analyse the effects of (a) restricted access; and (b) two major policy reforms (1997, 2007) on incident health expenditures for AS&R in 1994-2013.

Concepts: Health care, Clinical trial, Europe, Canada, France, Chord, Massachusetts, Semitone


Running with a forefoot strike (FFS) pattern has been suggested to reduce the risk of overuse running injuries, due to a reduced vertical loadrate compared with rearfoot strike (RFS) running. However, resultant loadrate has been reported to be similar between foot strikes when running in traditional shoes, leading to questions regarding the value of running with a FFS. The influence of minimal footwear on the resultant loadrate has not been considered. This study aimed to compare component and resultant instantaneous loadrate (ILR) between runners with different foot strike patterns in their habitual footwear conditions.

Concepts: Pattern, Shoe, Footwear, Semitone, Strike action


Chronic increase in left ventricular filling pressure represents one of the most important mechanism underlying the structural, as well as the electrical, atrial chamber remodeling leading to atrial fibrillation. The present pilot pathophysiological study sought to investigate possible relationship between short–period cross–spectral coherence of P–Q, R–R and P–P intervals and echocardiographic indices of left ventricular and atrial function.

Concepts: Blood, Cardiology, Ejection fraction, Heart, Atrial fibrillation, Ventricle, Semitone, Jugular venous pressure


Type III (T-III) endoleaks following endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) remain a major concern. Our center experienced a recent concentration of T-III endoleaks requiring elective and emergency treatment and prompted our review of all EVAR implants over a 40-month period from April 2011 until August 2014. This report represents a single center experience with T-III endoleak management with analysis of factors leading to the T-III-related failure of EVAR.

Concepts: Management, Experience, Urgent care, Chord, Semitone, Failure mode and effects analysis, 2011, Baseball


Biological, physical, and social systems often display qualitative changes in dynamics. Developing early warning signals to predict the onset of these transitions is an important goal. The current work is motivated by transitions of cardiac rhythms, where the appearance of alternating features in the timing of cardiac events is often a precursor to the initiation of serious cardiac arrhythmias. We treat embryonic chick cardiac cells with a potassium channel blocker, which leads to the initiation of alternating rhythms. We associate this transition with a mathematical instability, called a period-doubling bifurcation, in a model of the cardiac cells. Period-doubling bifurcations have been linked to the onset of abnormal alternating cardiac rhythms, which have been implicated in cardiac arrhythmias such as T-wave alternans and various tachycardias. Theory predicts that in the neighborhood of the transition, the system’s dynamics slow down, leading to noise amplification and the manifestation of oscillations in the autocorrelation function. Examining the aggregates' interbeat intervals, we observe the oscillations in the autocorrelation function and noise amplification preceding the bifurcation. We analyze plots-termed return maps-that relate the current interbeat interval with the following interbeat interval. Based on these plots, we develop a quantitative measure using the slope of the return map to assess how close the system is to the bifurcation. Furthermore, the slope of the return map and the lag-1 autocorrelation coefficient are equal. Our results suggest that the slope and the lag-1 autocorrelation coefficient represent quantitative measures to predict the onset of abnormal alternating cardiac rhythms.

Concepts: Scientific method, Regression analysis, Cardiac muscle, Cardiac arrest, Cardiac electrophysiology, English-language films, Quantitative research, Semitone


Tear trough deformities (TTD) refer to a set of conditions leading to different shapes in the junction between the lower eyelid and the cheek. Tear trough deformity is a major aesthetic concern for a lot of individuals seeking periorbital rejuvenation and is one of the most discussed landmarks in facial aesthetic surgery.

Concepts: Eyelid, Tears, Chord, Semitone, Blepharoplasty


Debates on the origins of consonance and dissonance in music have a long history. While some scientists argue that consonance judgments are an acquired competence based on exposure to the musical-system-specific knowledge of a particular culture, others favor a biological explanation for the observed preference for consonance. Here we provide experimental confirmation that this preference plays an adaptive role in human cognition: it reduces cognitive interference. The results of our experiment reveal that exposure to a Mozart minuet mitigates interference, whereas, conversely, when the music is modified to consist of mostly dissonant intervals the interference effect is intensified.

Concepts: Cognition, Music, Chord, Semitone, Consonance and dissonance, Harmony, Tonality, Counterpoint


Anti-1,8-bisTPI-naphthalene in which two imidazole rings are constrained to an anti-conformation leading to the first-formed 1,4'-isomer of the bridged imidazole dimer has been synthesized. The color of the radicals is different from that of the previously reported bridged-imidazolyl radicals because the intramolecular interaction between the radicals becomes weak due to the anti-conformation. This molecular design would be a profitable strategy to control the color of the radicals of the bridged imidazole dimer for application in ophthalmic lenses.

Concepts: Chemical bond, Semitone


The anorexia of aging was first recognized as a physiological syndrome 30 years ago. Its major causes are an alteration in fundal compliance with an increase in antral stretch and enhanced cholecystokinin activity leading to increased satiation.This anorexia leads to weight loss in aging persons and is one of the component causes of the aging related sarcopenia. This physiological anorexia also increases the risk of more severe anorexia when an older person has an increase in inflammatory cytokines such as occurs when they have an illness. This results in an increase in the anorexia due to cachexia in older persons.

Concepts: Cancer, Cytokine, Person, Physiology, Ageing, Chord, Semitone, Leading