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Concept: Robin Beck


Primary care (PC) patients have difficulties in committing to and incorporating primary prevention and health promotion (PP&HP) activities into their long-term care. We aimed to re-interpret, for the first time, qualitative findings regarding factors affecting PC patients' acceptance of PP&HP activities.

Concepts: Time, Health care, Public health, Medical terms, Prevention, Primary care, Robin Beck


Four known compounds had been isolated from the Streptomyces sp. YIM66017, and their structures were elucidated by spectral analysis as 2,6-dimethoxy terephthalic acid (1), yangjinhualine A (2), α-hydroxyacetovanillone (3) and cyclo(Gly-Trp) (4). Compound 1 was isolated from natural resources for the first time, and compounds 2-4 were isolated from streptomycetes for the first time. The 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical-scavenging activity assays showed that 1 showed higher activity than rutin with IC50 of 4.61 μg/mL and 2 showed the activity with IC50 of 57.12 μg/mL.

Concepts: Bacteria, Chemical compound, Natural resource, Robin Beck, Streptomyces, Terephthalic acid, Resource, Actinobacteria


For the first time we demonstrate the topotactic synthesis of a three-dimensional (3D) interconnected network of nanoporous CoP nanowires directly on a Ti substrate (np-CoP NWs/Ti) via low-temperature phosphidation of a Co2(OH)2(CO3)2/Ti precursor and its further use as a highly efficient hydrogen evolution cathode.

Concepts: Surface, Computer network, Robin Beck


A photoconductive perovskite-polyoxometalate composite was prepared for the first time by a facile low-temperature and solution-processed method, and this composite exhibited a significantly enhanced photoconductivity and photodetection performance due to introduction of polyoxometalate into the perovskite for fine energy-level matching and efficient charge transfer.

Concepts: Robin Beck, Photoconductivity


For the first time, two types of highly anisotropic, highly transparent wood composites are demonstrated by taking advantage of the macro-structures in original wood. These wood composites are highly transparent with a total transmittance up to 90% but exhibit dramatically different optical and mechanical properties.

Concepts: Optics, Optical fiber, Surface, Wood, Robin Beck


To examine for the first time whether stressful mental tasks are associated with an unfavorable anthropometric profile in children.

Concepts: Study skills, Surface, Robin Beck, Homework


Biologists and policymakers are accustomed to managing species in decline, but for the first time in generations they are also encountering recovering populations of ocean predators. Many citizens perceive these species as invaders and conflicts are increasing. It is time to celebrate these hard-earned successes and lift baselines for recovering species.

Concepts: Biodiversity, Conservation biology, Biology, Species, Surface, Success, Robin Beck


Several comorbidities frequently affect COPD progression. Aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of main comorbidities by gender and disease severity in a cohort of COPD patients referring for the first time to a specialist institution.

Concepts: Epidemiology, Disease, Caesium, Surface, Debut albums, Robin Beck


Forms of presentation of Q fever vary widely across Spain, with differences between the north and south. In the absence of reported case series from Galicia (north-west Spain), this study sought to describe a Q-fever case series in this region for the first time, and conduct a systematic review to analyse all available data on the disease in Spain.

Concepts: Coxiella burnetii, Q fever, Spain, Surface, In the Absence of Truth, Robin Beck, North


To study for the first time in a randomized controlled trial the feasibility, safety and efficacy of an exercise training programme in children and adolescents with JDM.

Concepts: Randomized controlled trial, Muscle, Efficacy, Surface, Robin Beck, Dermatomyositis