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Concept: English Canadian


Problems of quality and safety persist in health systems worldwide. We conducted a large research programme to examine culture and behaviour in the English National Health Service (NHS).

Concepts: English Canadian, Health care, English people, Healthcare, England, Health economics, Medicine, National Health Service


To analyse the performance of the English Stop Smoking Services from 2001/02 to 2010/11.

Concepts: Smoking, Nicotine, English Canadian, English people


We investigate whether physicians in secondary care in the English NHS receive adequate training to recognise and appropriately refer for services those persons suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

Concepts: Smuggling, English Canadian, English people, Human trafficking, England, National Health Service


Low cancer awareness may contribute to delayed diagnosis and poor cancer survival. We aimed to quantify socio-demographic differences in cancer symptom awareness and barriers to symptomatic presentation in the English population.

Concepts: Medical sign, Symptomatic treatment, English Canadian, English people


To examine uptake in the first six pilot centres of the English Bowel Scope Screening (BSS) programme, which began in early 2013 and invites adults aged 55 for a one off Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.

Concepts: Square pyramidal number, English Canadian, Sigmoidoscopy, English people


This study assesses the impact of competition on quality and price in the English care/nursing homes market. Considering the key institutional features, we use a theoretical model to assess the conditions under which further competition could increase or reduce quality. A dataset comprising the population of 10,000 care homes was used. We constructed distance/travel-time weighted competition measures. Instrumental variable estimations, used to account for the endogeneity of competition, showed quality and price were reduced by greater competition. Further analyses suggested that the negative quality effect worked through the effect on price - higher competition reduces revenue which pushes down quality.

Concepts: English Canadian, Competition, The Key, English people, Price, Economics terminology, Marketing, Suggested retail price


In the original published article, the family name was incorrectly tagged for two co-authors. The correct family names of authors José Ramón Maneiro Fernández is Maneiro Fernández and Alejandro Souto Vilas is Souto Vilas.

Concepts: English Canadian, English people, Family name, Latin, Romance languages, French language, Chinese name, Personal name


Reports of hypertrophic spinal pachymeningitis associated with human T-cell lymphotrophic virus-1 (HTLV-1) infection and Sjogren’s syndrome in the English literature are still very rare.

Concepts: Elizabeth I of England, English Canadian, Human T-lymphotropic virus, Sjögren's syndrome, English people, Report, English studies


As the National Health Service (NHS) turns 70, it bears comparison with another universal system celebrating an anniversary this year: Canada’s 50-year-old medicare model. Each system is iconically popular, and each revolves around a profession-state accommodation. Both the popularity and the central axis of each system have been tested by external shocks in the form of periodic fiscal cycles of investment and austerity, and internal stresses generating organizational cycles of centralization and decentralization. In addition, the English NHS has undergone periodic bursts of major policy change, which have arguably moved the system closer to the Canadian single-payer model.

Concepts: English Canadian, Health economics, English people, Binary operation, Health insurance, Canada, England, National Health Service


May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) is increasingly recognized as a frequent source of leg swelling and a precipitating factor for venous thromboembolism. This paper is a systematic review of the English literature on MTS with an analysis focusing on gender differences in presentation and treatment.

Concepts: Gender role, Elizabeth I of England, English Canadian, Gender, English people, Literature, Thrombosis, English studies