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Concept: CP/M


Although published material exists about the skills required for a successful bioinformatics career, strangely enough no work to date has addressed the matter of how to excel at not being a bioinformatician. A set of basic guidelines and a code of conduct is hereby presented to re-address that imbalance for fellow-practitioners whose aim is to not to succeed in their chosen bioinformatics field. By scrupulously following these guidelines one can be sure to regress at a highly satisfactory rate.

Concepts: DNA, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, CP/M


Excel2Genie, a simple and user-friendly Microsoft Excel interface, has been developed to the Genie-2000 Spectroscopic Software of Canberra Industries. This Excel application can directly control Canberra Multichannel Analyzer (MCA), process the acquired data and visualize them. Combination of Genie-2000 with Excel2Genie results in remarkably increased flexibility and a possibility to carry out repetitive data acquisitions even with changing parameters and more sophisticated analysis. The developed software package comprises three worksheets: display parameters and results of data acquisition, data analysis and mathematical operations carried out on the measured gamma spectra. At the same time it also allows control of these processes. Excel2Genie is freely available to assist gamma spectrum measurements and data evaluation by the interested Canberra users. With access to the Visual Basic Application (VBA) source code of this application users are enabled to modify the developed interface according to their intentions.

Concepts: Microsoft Excel, Computer program, Microsoft, Computer software, Spreadsheet, Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Office, CP/M


Dupuytren’s disease is a benign, progressive, fibroproliferative disease, and despite advances in basic science and technology, there remains no cure. To date, open fasciectomy procedures remain the criterion standard for the treatment of Dupuytren’s disease despite a significant complication rate and recovery time. Needle aponeurotomy, a less invasive treatment, is associated with reduced complications and quicker recovery.

Concepts: Technology, The Criterion, CP/M


Genomic datasets accompanying scientific publications show a surprisingly high rate of gene name corruption. This error is generated when files and tables are imported into Microsoft Excel and certain gene symbols are automatically converted into dates.

Concepts: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft, Spreadsheet, Microsoft Office, Lotus 1-2-3, CP/M, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac


Caffeine based energy shot products accounted for $1.3 billion in sales in 2011. Caffeine has been shown to confer numerous benefits during exercise and is oftentimes combined with ingredients such as carbohydrates and taurine in the hope of further performance improvement. The purpose of this project was to compare auditory response time, power output, and physiological responses between the ingestion of a CHO, PRO, caffeine supplement (CPC), a caffeine-taurine-niacin based supplement (CTN), and a placebo (PL) in commercially formulated products that make claims as to improving performance.

Concepts: Better, Improve, Physiology, CP/M, Shot glass


The calculation of descriptive statistics after data collection provides researchers with an overview of the shape and nature of their datasets, along with basic descriptors, and may help identify true or incorrect outlier values. This exercise should always precede inferential statistics, when possible. This paper provides some pointers for doing so in Microsoft Excel, both statically and dynamically, with Excel’s functions, including the calculation of standard deviation and variance and the relevance of the t-distribution.

Concepts: Microsoft Excel, Mathematics, Research, Normal distribution, Standard deviation, Cauchy distribution, Microsoft, CP/M


Recruiting family physicians into primary care research studies requires researchers to continually manage information coming in, going out, and coming in again. In many research groups, Microsoft Excel and Access are the usual data management tools, but they are very basic and do not support any automation, linking, or reminder systems to manage and integrate recruitment information and processes.

Concepts: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft, Visual Basic for Applications, Customer service, Customer relationship management, Microsoft Office, CP/M, Support automation


Tinnitus in children has not been studied sufficiently to date. And, there is no consensus regarding the management of tinnitus in children. Tinnitus counseling can be considered as the most basic tool among therapeutic options of tinnitus in children. In this article, the importance of management in children with tinnitus is highlighted through the review of the literature. Also, we present survey results regarding usefulness and necessity of tinnitus counseling provided from parents of children with tinnitus.

Concepts: Peer review, CP/M, Children's literature


BVA is inviting entries to its second photo competition. Tara Schwenk, BVA digital content editor, recaps last year’s competition and describes the entries the judges are hoping to see this time.

Concepts: CP/M, Mercury Prize


To characterize a new generation stationary digital breast tomosynthesis system with higher tube flux and increased angular span over a first generation system.

Concepts: Meter, CP/M, Stephen Baxter