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Concept: Camphill Movement


This book includes reflective and philosophical accounts that explore the widest context of community care. It is a collection of personal views and experiences from several authors. Many examples focus on the provision of the Camphill Village model across the world, and these provide a philosophical continuity throughout the book.

Concepts: Philosophy of science, World, Disability, E-book, Village, Book, Books, Camphill Movement


Over 70 years ago, an Austrian émigré doctor - Karl Koenig - came to Scotland where he established the Camphill Movement. Today that Movement embraces over 100 communities for children and adults with developmental disabilities in at least 24 countries. One aspect of Koenig’s biography that has not been explored concerns his childhood: an extraordinary omission given its inspirational character. Without an appreciation of this critical period in his life, any understanding of his very considerable achievements not least his pioneering success in establishing the Camphill Movement must be incomplete.

Concepts: Child, Developmental psychology, Harshad number, Child development, Anthroposophy, Camphill Movement, Karl König, Karl Kruszelnicki