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SY Lee, YJ Lee, RH Kim, JN Park, ME Park, MK Ko, JH Choi, JQ Chu, KN Lee, SM Kim, D Tark, HS Lee, YJ Ko, MG Seo, JW Park, B Kim, MH Lee, JS Lee and JH Park
There are seven antigenically distinct serotypes of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), each of which has intra-typic variants. In the present study, we have developed methods to efficiently generate promising vaccines against seven serotypes or subtypes. The capsid-coding gene (P1) of the vaccine strain O1/Manisa/Turkey/69 was replaced with the amplified or synthetic genes from the O, A, Asia1, C, SAT 1, SAT 2, and SAT 3 serotypes. The seven serotype viruses were rescued successfully. Each chimeric FMDV with replacing P1 showed its serotype-specific antigenicity and varied in terms of pathogenesis in pigs and mice. Pigs vaccinated with an experimental trivalent vaccine containing the inactivated recombinants based on the main serotypes O, A, and Asia1 effectively protected them from virus challenge. This technology could be a potential strategy for customized vaccine with challenge tool to protect against epizootic disease from specific serotypes or subtypes of FMDV.IMPORTANCE Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) causes significant economic losses. For the vaccine preparation, the selection of vaccine strains was complicated by its high antigenic variation. In the present study, we suggested that an effective strategy can be rapidly prepare and evaluate a mass-producing customized vaccines against epidemic strains. The P1 gene encoding the structural proteins of the well-known vaccine virus was replaced by the synthetic or amplified genes of seven representative serotype viruses. These chimeric viruses generally replicated readily in cell culture and had the similar particle size as the original vaccine strain. Their antigenicity mirrored that of the original serotype from which their P1 gene was derived. Animal infection experiments revealed that the recombinants varied in terms of pathogenicity. This strategy will be a useful tool for rapidly generating customized FMD vaccines or challenge viruses against all serotypes, especially for FMD-free countries which have prohibited import of FMDVs.
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Microbiology, Vaccination, Virus, Foot-and-mouth disease, Aphthovirus, Immune system, Influenza, Vaccine
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