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AF Morey, CA Cefalu and SJ Hudak
Introduction.  Traditional placement of inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) reservoirs and/or artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) balloons into the space of Retzius may be challenging following major pelvic surgery. Aim.  The aim of this study is to report our 1-year experience using a novel technique for high balloon/reservoir placement beneath the rectus abdominus muscle, thus completely obviating deep pelvic dissection during prosthetic urologic surgery. Methods.  A retrospective review of all patients who underwent IPP and/or AUS placement between June 2011 and June 2012 was performed. All had AUS balloons and/or IPP reservoirs placed in a submuscular location by bluntly tunneling through the external inguinal ring into a potential space between the transversalis fascia and the rectus abdominus muscle using a long, angled, lung grasping clamp. Main Outcome Measures.  Patient demographics, perioperative outcomes, and initial follow-up patient-reported outcomes were reviewed. Results.  During the study period, 120 submuscular balloons/reservoirs were inserted in 107 consecutive patients who underwent placement of an IPP (61 patients), AUS (33 patients), or both (13 patients). Among our 48 most recent patients, 41 (85%) reported they were totally unable to feel their balloon/reservoir, and all but two patients reported no bother from the submuscular balloon/reservoir placement. Of the 120 total submuscular balloons and reservoirs, surgical time and outcomes of the prosthetic procedures appeared similar to those placed using traditional methods; two reservoirs required revision surgery for repositioning. Conclusions.  High submuscular placement of genitourinary prosthetic balloons and reservoirs via a transscrotal approach is both safely and effective, while avoiding deep retropubic dissection. Morey AF, Cefalu CA, and Hudak SJ. High submuscular placement of urologic prosthetic balloons and reservoirs via transscrotal approach. J Sex Med **;**:**-**.
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Transversalis fascia, Artificial organ, Anders Retzius, Linea alba, Deep inguinal ring, Prosthetics, Pubic symphysis, Rectus abdominis muscle
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